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GIft Rap

A round-up of books for the holidays.

Composed and performed by Nick Gage.

The Wisdom Project

I interviewed kids from across the country and was wowed by their answers. Here are some of the highlights, read by wise elders.

Book-Filled House

A tour of my house that proves you can take the girl out of the library, but you can’t take the library out of the girl.

Kindness Thought Bubble

This is a short film/meditation on the power of kindness. Animated and produced by the Toronto-based design firm Thought Bubble. Written and narrated by Amy. Original music by Nick Gage.

Selected Best Animated Film at 2011 Peace on Earth Film Festival

TEDxWaterloo: 7 Notes on Life

This is the talk I gave at a recent TEDx conference. It is titled "7 Notes on Life".


17 things I made

This is the very first film I ever made. And this is what ultimately led to The Beckoning of Lovely.

Beckoning of Lovely Gathering at Bean 8/08/08

This is what happened on that magical night in Chicago on 8/08/08 at 8:08 pm. (in collaboration with Steve Delahoyde)

Beckoning of Lovely Gathering at Bean 9/09/09

This is how I chose to commemorate and pay tribute to all that happened since The Beckoning project began. This was shot on 9/09/09. (with Steve Delahoyde)

Beckoning of Lovely Gathering at Bean 10/10/10

This is where I returned to The Bean in Chicago's Millennium Park on 10/10/10. (with Steve Delahoyde)

Beckoning of Lovely Gathering at Bean 11/11/11

This is what happened at our final Beckoning of Lovely gathering in Chicago on 11/11/11 at 11:11 am. (in collaboration with Steve Delahoyde)


Amy reveals the 10-day plan (starting on 12/12/12) to save the world in this TEDx talk.

The Beckoning of Lovely Story: Start to Finish-ish

Simply put, the story of The Beckoning of Lovely.

The Money Tree

This is where we hung money from a tree to see what would happen...

Life is a Marathon

How would it feel to find a group of strangers cheering for you after a long day of work? Like this.

Words with Bob Edwards (Part 1)

A snippet of an interview with Bob Edwards.

Words with Bob Edwards (Part 2)

A second snippet of an interview with Bob Edwards.

22 things my children have taught me

This gets you thinking about your own kids. This has a beautiful song by Elizabeth Mitchell.

What Rings Your Bell?

Feeling joy? Satisfaction? Amazement? . . . Ring the bell!

ATM = Always Trust Magic

This is the way I always want you to think of ATM's now. This is the film I used to launch my blog MISSion Amy K.R.

The Snow Angel

Warm wishes and happy holidays to all.

! Book Trailer

It's not easy being seen. Especially when you're not like everyone else. Especially when what sets you apart is you. Sometimes we squish ourselves to fit in. We shrink. Twist. Bend. Until — ! — a friend shows the way to endless possibilities. In this bold and highly visual book, an emphatic but misplaced exclamation point learns that being different can be very exciting! Period.


What do you get when you combine a word and a number? A wumber! Paying tribute to William Steig's CDB!, best-selling book, cre8ors Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld have wri10 and illustr8ed this s2pendous book that is 1derful 4 readers in kindergar10 and up. If we've confused you, just take a look at the book—4tun8ly it has helpful pictures. We are sure you will get it ins10tly!

Plant a Kiss
Book Trailer Plant a Kiss, published by HarperCollins.


Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

(Interactive Video)

This is an interactive video for the book "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life."

Princess and the LITTLE PEA

A nationwide scavenger hunt . . . LET US KNOW IF YOU FIND A BOOK!

Lost and Found Project

This is where l hide the first copies of my book, "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life," all over Chicago as part of the Lost & Found Project.

The Wonder Book

This is the book trailer for The Wonder Book, a book that is described as Shel Silverstein meets Willy Wonka. (with HarperCollins)

Duck! Rabbit! book trailer

Is it a duck? Or....a rabbit?

Chip the Monk

Introducing Chip the Monk . . . the world's first existential sitcalm (not to be confused with sitcom).

Chip the Monk: Part II

This is episode 2 of the existential sitcalm Chip the Monk. This is where our fury master addresses Big Life Questions.

Now Ledge

This is the Now Ledge.

The Mending Machine


14 things I love

This is just what you think it is.

Bad Word Music Video

This is a music video to one of Amy's missions on her blog, Mission Amy K.R.

Music by Nick Gage.

Two Truths and a Library

Conducted with/at The American School of Warsaw, starring the wonderful 5th grade class. We now invite schools around the world to join in the game!

Drawing Conclusions

This is where I draw (literally and figuratively) a conclusion about giving and receiving, who to surround yourself with, and parenting.

Ode (Owed) to a Friend

This is an ode to my friend Charise...

The Wishing Line

This is where I set-up a toll-free "wishing line" for a week and invited people to leave/make a wish. The wishes poured in. This video was my way of doing what I can to help all the wishes come true.

The Periodic Dinner Table

A traveling supperclub where the most important element is you.

Going Nowhere Fast Together

This is where I invited people to join me on a full-circle subway ride around the city. I showed up with donuts. Here's what happened.

Making Things Makes Things Better

Making things does indeed make things better.


Clouds By Zach Sobiech Meets Up By Pixar

Putting two beautiful things together.


This is where I tucked messages in shoes all across Chicago.

The Serenade Stand

We set up a serenade stand in Chicago. For $1, two professional musicians would serenade you.

Positive Pranking (Episode One)

This is where I team up with Mark Malkoff for the first installment of Positive Pranking.

Flash(dance) Mob

"Flashdance" + Flash Mob = you'll just have to watch and see...

Pay It Flowered

Such a simple thing, and so easy to us plant the seed and pay it flowered!